S2 FILTER DRYERS LRS2 Engineering Industries is a very suitable supply partner for clients who operate in the Chemical Industry as S2 is experienced at supplying all types of Stainless Steel and exotic alloy process equipment which extends plant operating performance.

Given the nature of the Chemical sector, S2 manufacture a whole range of corrosive resistant products, typically from 316L stainless steel. Such products include large agitators, vessels, storage tanks, reactors, dryers and filtration equipment designed specifically to handle the chemically aggressive compounds and process media used in this industry sector.

S2 also manufacture equipment with high corrosion resistant coatings and/or exotic alloy materials such as Hastelloy C276, Monel Alloy 400 and Alloy 20, for areas of plants which process particularly aggressive compounds.

Where possible, our S2 experienced engineers will help clients select the correct chemical compatible materials of construction and/or equipment design to suit their application. Our sister company (Standard Glass Lining Technology) also design and manufacture equipment with glass lined (enamel) wetted surfaces. This allows S2 and the Standard Group of Companies to supply turnkey projects across the entire spectrum of Chemical plant requirements.