S2 pharmaceutic sector experienceThe Pharmaceutical industry employs stainless steel equipment throughout its production processes, specifically in the Reactor, Receiver, Dryer, Filtration and Storage areas.

As drugs generally enter the human body, either by swallowing, intravenously, intramuscular or subcutaneous, there is a high risk potential for human harm therefore the correct materials of construction are essential in process equipment.

Stainless Steel is an ideal material of choice because of its all round chemical resistance when processing drugs at temperature and varying concentrations. It is also highly suitable for sterile wash downs and clean-in-place (CIP) and Steam in place (SIP) cleaning given its ability to be polished and have smooth surface finishes.

In batch production, cleaning the equipment in-between batches must follow strict procedures. For this reason, S2's products have wetted designs which are hygienically profiled and available with Flush Bottom Valves, Bottom Opening and pneumatic actuation.

All decisions on equipment, processes and setup can increase the potential risk of immediate or eventual human harm in addition to influencing both the efficiency of research and efficiency of production. A compromise in either quality or quantity is unacceptable in the Pharmaceutical sector therefore manufacturing plants need to align themselves with trusted supplier with the appropriate technical expertise and experience.

S2 is an highly experience and preferred supply partner for the Pharmaceutical and associated sectors, including;

  • Bi-pharmaceutical
  • Bulk Drugs (API's)
  • Life Sciences
  • Non Life Sciences

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