S2 valued clientsS2 supplies many national and international organisations with quality products and services. Some of which are shown. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any specific client approval for our Standard Group of Companies, including client testimonials and references. 

Customer Focused Culture

S2 offer the highest standards of customer service coupled with innovative products and expert craftsmanship. We have developed an outstanding reputation in the marketplace through our ability to manage complex projects, react quickly and deliver on time without sacrificing performance and quality.

Customer Service Charter

We communicate our Customer Service Charter to all our stakeholders, in that;

  • We aim to respond to all customer enquiries within 72 hours, providing price and delivery date confirmation.
  • We will not over-promise and under-deliver on projects where requested delivery expectations are not achievable.
  • We understand the importance to your business in adhering or improving of your timescale expectations.
  • We are open and transparent with progress information, providing accurate and timely responses and periodic updates to ensure that the client is informed.

In addition, S2 supports clients in a number of ways.