S2 qualityAt S2 we operate an ISO9001 Quality Management System with policies and procedures to ensure the services we offer are of the highest quality standard.

Our coded welders, certified to the latest ASME standards, create the base fabrication which is then expertly finish through polishing and buffing to ensure no surface imperfections.

To ensure we select and use the correct materials of construction for our manufactured vessels we purchase and stock material with full mill heat certification with batch/ID referencing physically marked on the items. S2 also use electronic material identification equipment to check and ensure that the material ingredient properties correctly align with the corresponding paperwork.

After the fabrication and machining, all welds are subjected to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in accordance with latest ASME and international pressure vessel standards, to ensure joint integrity. Where required, S2 stress relieve the vessels using our groups automated CNC furnaces

Throughout the manufacturing process S2 perform dimensional checks and visual inspection. During equipment assembly, S2 perform visual, dimensional, alignment and/or operational inspection and running tests as required

During final inspection, S2 may perform Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) which typically include torque, vibration, noise and/or power consumption testing in accordance with the customer requirements. In such cases, on completion, we will provide a full report outlining the results of the condition monitoring and operational checks.