ANFD dispatchWatching the Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD's) coming off the S2 Engineering production line is a true engineering spectacle.

This latest one is one of our single construction, monoblock 316 stainless steel designs which has been custom built for a specific client application in the Hyderabad area of India.

S2 manufacture a full range of ANFD's with a multitude of standardised, modular supply options, as listed here.

Such options include single and dual (two part) construction, the later of which includes a detachable filter unit which can be supplied in C-clamped, Super Clamped or machined Bayonet (castellated) clamped depending on the client preference.

Please do not hesitate to contact S2 if you are looking to invest in modern and innovative ANFD technology as part of a plant new build or extension project.