S2 v blenders 2S2 Engineering (S2) design, manufacture, install and commission a comprehensive range of custom built Blenders, including V-Type (also known as V-Shell, Vee Cone or Y Cone blenders). Our S2 blenders are ideal for low shear tumble blending of powders and granules and are used extensively in the Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and live science industry sectors.

The S2 Engineering blenders can also be supplied with an integral drying system, in a variety of configurations - click here for further details

S2 V-type Blenders are designed so that they provide an intensive mixing action. As the V-Shell is rotated the powder is repeatedly divided and then mixed together. Product is typically brought to the S2 v-blender in a drum. The drum is secured to the v-shell inlet orifice and then both drum and V-shell are inverted by the blender through 180 degrees. This allows the powder to be able to fall into the V-Shell under gravity. The drum is then removed before blending commences.

V-Blenders provide a range of operational benefits as stated below, making them an ideal item of process equipment for batch production in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical sectors.